Cryptographic algorithms used by token keys.


@interface TKTokenKeyAlgorithm : NSObject


Typically, the supported algorithm for a token key can be represented by a value of the SecKeyAlgorithm enumeration. However, tokens such as Smart Cards require that input data for operations take the format of a more specific algorithm. For example, a token may accept raw data to generate a cryptographic signature, but require that raw data to be formatted according to PKCS1 padding rules. To express such a requirement, a TKTokenKeyAlgorithm object defines a target algorithm and a set of other algorithms that were used. In the previous example, the target algorithm is kSecKeyAlgorithmRSASignatureRaw and the kSecKeyAlgorithmRSASignatureDigestPKCS1v15SHA1 algorithm is also reported as being used.


Determining Algorithm Usage

- isAlgorithm:

Returns whether the specified algorithm is the target operation algorithm.

- supportsAlgorithm:

Whether the specified algorithm is the target operation algorithm, or one of the other algorithms used.


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Determining Support for Operations

- tokenSession:supportsOperation:usingKey:algorithm:

Asks the delegate whether the token session supports a given operation using the specified key and algorithm.


Operations that can be performed with a token's keys and certificates.


A unique and persistent identifier of a particular token object.