A token’s certificate as stored in the keychain.


class TKTokenKeychainCertificate : TKTokenKeychainItem


Creating Token Keychain Certificates

init?(certificate: SecCertificate, objectID: TKToken.ObjectID)

Initializes a token keychain certificate with data from the specified certificate reference and a given object ID.

Accessing Certificate Data

var data: Data

Returns a DER-encoded representation of an X.509 certificate.


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Accessing Keychain Items

var keychainContents: TKTokenKeychainContents?

The contents of the keychain for this token.

class TKTokenKeychainContents

A representation of the state of the keychain for a particular token.

class TKTokenKeychainItem

An abstract base class for managing a token’s contents as keychain items.

class TKTokenKeychainKey

A token's key as stored in the keychain.

typealias TKToken.ObjectID

A unique and persistent identifier of a particular token object.