A token session that manages the authentication state of a token.


class TKTokenSession : NSObject


A token session communicates with its delegate to perform operations with its token that are bound to the authentication state.

A session is always instantiated by a TKToken instance through the token's delegate when the framework detects access to the token from a new authentication session.


Creating Token Sessions

init(token: TKToken)

Initializes a token session with the specified token.

Responding to Authentication Events

var delegate: TKTokenSessionDelegate?

The token session delegate.

protocol TKTokenSessionDelegate

The interface that a session instance delegate implements to respond to token session authentication events.

Accessing the Token

var token: TKToken

The token to which the session is bound.


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Two-Factor Authentication

Authenticating Users with a Cryptographic Token

Grant access to user accounts and the keychain by creating a token driver app extension.

class TKTokenDriver

The abstract base class for building token drivers.

class TKToken

A representation of a hardware-based cryptographic token.