A Smart Card PIN authentication operation.


class TKTokenSmartCardPINAuthOperation : TKTokenAuthOperation


Configuring the Operation

var apduTemplate: Data?

The template into which the PIN is filled in. nil by default.

var pinByteOffset: Int

The offset, in bytes, within the APDU template to mark the location for filling in the PIN.

var smartCard: TKSmartCard?

A Smart Card to which the formatted APDU is sent in order to authenticate.

Accessing the PIN

var pin: String?

The PIN value resulting from performing the operation.


Conforms To

See Also


func tokenSession(TKTokenSession, beginAuthFor: TKTokenOperation, constraint: Any) -> TKTokenAuthOperation

Tells the delegate that authentication has begun for the specified operation and constraint.

typealias TKTokenOperationConstraint

A token's authentication constraint for a specific operation.

class TKTokenAuthOperation

An authentication operation for a cryptographic token.

class TKTokenPasswordAuthOperation

A password-based authentication operation.