Web Service

Device Management

Remotely manage devices within your organization.


Apple devices can be securely and remotely configured after they're enrolled in mobile device management (MDM). Users can enroll their own devices, and organization-owned devices can be enrolled using Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. With MDM, you can update software and device settings, monitor compliance with organizational policies, remotely erase or lock devices, and install apps and books developed in-house or purchased through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.


Configuration Profiles

Using Configuration Profiles

Create and deploy configuration profiles to users within your organization.

Profile-Specific Payload Keys

Use the appropriate payload for configuration needs.

MDM Protocol

MDM Commands and Queries

Manage the configuration and behavior of your devices with these commands.

Deployment Services

Device Assignment

Manage devices for your students and employees.

Roster Management

Manage classes for your students and teachers.

App and Book Management

Manage apps and books for your students and employees.

Beta Software

This documentation contains preliminary information about an API or technology in development. This information is subject to change, and software implemented according to this documentation should be tested with final operating system software.

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