App and Book Management

Manage apps and books for your students and employees.


Getting Started

Managing Apps and Books Through Web Services

Associate volume purchases with users or devices using endpoints for Mobile Device Management (MDM), provided by the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Upgrading to Apple School Manager (ASM) and Apple Business Manager (ABM)

Manage devices and content across an organization user base with a single destination.

Configuration Services

Client Configuration

Store client-specific information on the server.

Service Configuration

Provides the full list of web service URLs and a list of possible error numbers.

Assets and Licenses

Manage Licenses

Associate and disassociate licenses with users and devices.

object VppAssociation

An association between a license and a user or device.

Get Assets

Get the set of assets managed by your organization.

object VppAsset

A particular asset in the purchase program.

Get Assignments

Get a list of assignments currently assigned to a user or device.

object VppAssignment

An assignment's properties and their values.

Get Licenses

Get the set of licenses managed by your organization.

object VppLicense

A license for a product in the purchase program.

Manage Users

Register a User

Register a user with the volume-purchase program.

Get a User

Get information about a particular user.

Get Users

Get information about a set of users.

Edit a User

Modify details about a user.

Retire a User

Retire a user account.

object VppUser

A user within the purchase program.

object VppLocation

A location used for managing purchases.


Interpreting Error Codes

Investigate service request errors and troubleshoot solutions.

object VppErrorCode

An error code.

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