Authenticate devices and maintain push tokens with these commands.


The MDM check-in protocol validates a deviceʼs eligibility for MDM enrollment and informs the server that a deviceʼs push token has been updated.

When the MDM payload is installed, the device initiates communication with the check-in server. The device validates the TLS certificate of the server, then uses the identity specified in its MDM payload as the client authentication certificate for the connection.

If a check-in server URL is provided in the MDM payload, the check-in protocol communicates with that check-in server. If no check-in server URL is provided, the main MDM server URL is used instead.




Authenticates a user during MDM payload installation.


Authenticates a user with a two-step authentication protocol.

Check Out

Responds to the removal of a profile from a device.

Token Update

Updates the token for a device on the server.

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