Device Management Profile


The payload for configuring an app extension that performs single sign-on.


A dictionary of arbitrary data passed through to the app extension.


The bundle identifier of the app extension that performs single sign on (SSO) for the specified URLs.


An array of host names or domain names which can be authenticated through the app extension.

Required for Credential-type payloads. Ignored for Redirect-type payloads.

Host or domain names are matched case-insensitively, and all the host/domain names of all installed Extensible SSO payloads must be unique.


The realm name for Credential-type payloads. This value should be properly capitalized.

This key is ignored for Redirect-type payloads.


The team identifier of the app extension.

This key is required on macOS and ignored elsewhere.


The type of SSO.


An array of URL prefixes of identity providers where the app extension performs SSO.

Required for Redirect-type payloads. Ignored for Credential-type payloads.

The URLs must begin with http:// or https://, the scheme and host name are matched case-insensitively, query parameters and URL fragments are not allowed, and the URLs of all installed Extensible SSO payloads must be unique.


Specify as the payload type.

Profile Availability

Device Channel

iOS, macOS, Shared iPad

User Channel


Allow Manual Install


Requires Supervision


Requires User Approved MDM


Allowed in User Enrollment

iOS, macOS

Allow Multiple Payloads

iOS, macOS, Shared iPad

See Also


object DirectoryService

The payload for configuring an Active Directory (AD) domain. 

object Identification

The payload for configuring the names of the account user. 

object IdentityPreference

The payload for configuring the user's identity on the device.

object SingleSignOnSSO

The payload for configuring single sign-on.

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