Schedules an asynchronous write operation for the specified channel.


void dispatch_io_write(dispatch_io_t channel, off_t offset, dispatch_data_t data, dispatch_queue_t queue, dispatch_io_handler_t io_handler);



The channel to use when writing the data.


For random-access channels, this parameter specifies the offset into the channel at which to write. The offset is specified relative to the initial file pointer of the channel’s file descriptor at the time the channel was created.

For stream-based channels, this parameter is ignored and data is written to the current position.


The data to write to the channel.


The dispatch queue on which to submit the io_handler block.


The block to use to report any progress. This block may be queued multiple times to process a given data request. Each time the block is queued, the data parameter passed to the handler contains the data that remains to be written.

Your block need not be reentrant. The system guarantees that only one instance of this block is executed at any given time.


This function writes the specified data and submits the io_handler block to the queue to report on the progress of the operation. If the done parameter of the handler is set to NO, it means that only part of the data was written. If the done parameter is set to YES, it means the write operation is complete and the handler is not submitted again. If the operation was successful, the handler’s error parameter is set to 0. However, if an unrecoverable error occurs on the channel’s file descriptor, the done parameter is set to YES and an appropriate error value is reported in the handler’s error parameter.

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