Type Property


The quality-of-service class for tasks that prevent the user from actively using your app.


static let userInitiated: DispatchQoS


User-initiated tasks are second only to user-interactive tasks in their priority on the system. Assign this class to tasks that provide immediate results for something the user is doing, or that would prevent the user from using your app. For example, you might use this quality-of-service class to load the content of an email that you want to display to the user.

See Also

Getting the Predefined QoS Objects

static let userInteractive: DispatchQoS

The quality-of-service class for user-interactive tasks, such as animations, event handling, or updating your app's user interface.

static let `default`: DispatchQoS

The default quality-of-service class.

static let utility: DispatchQoS

The quality-of-service class for tasks that the user does not track actively.

static let background: DispatchQoS

The quality-of-service class for maintenance or cleanup tasks that you create.

static let unspecified: DispatchQoS

The absence of a quality-of-service class.

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