A set of options that affect the operation of the dispatch queue scheduler.


struct SchedulerOptions


Creating Dispatch Queue Scheduler Options

init(qos: DispatchQoS, flags: DispatchWorkItemFlags, group: DispatchGroup?)

Creates a dispatch queue scheduler options instance with the given options.

Inspecting Scheduler Options

var qos: DispatchQoS

The dispatch queue quality of service.

var flags: DispatchWorkItemFlags

The dispatch queue work item flags.

var group: DispatchGroup?

The dispatch group, if any, to use when performing actions.


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See Also

Scheduling Combine Publishers

func schedule(options: DispatchQueue.SchedulerOptions?, () -> Void)

Performs the action at some time after the specified date, using the scheduler’s minimum tolerance.

var minimumTolerance: DispatchQueue.SchedulerTimeType.Stride

The minimum tolerance allowed by the dispatch queue scheduler.

var now: DispatchQueue.SchedulerTimeType

The dispatch queue scheduler’s definition of the current moment in time.

struct DispatchQueue.SchedulerTimeType

The scheduler time type used by the dispatch queue.

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