Instance Method


Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether this set is a strict superset of the given set.


func isStrictSuperset(of other: DispatchSource.MachSendEvent) -> Bool



A set of the same type as the current set.

Return Value

true if the set is a strict superset of other; otherwise, false.


Set A is a strict superset of another set B if every member of B is also a member of A and A contains at least one element that is not a member of B.

let employees: Set = ["Alicia", "Bethany", "Chris", "Diana", "Eric"]
let attendees: Set = ["Alicia", "Bethany", "Diana"]
print(employees.isStrictSuperset(of: attendees))
// Prints "true"

// A set is never a strict superset of itself:
print(employees.isStrictSuperset(of: employees))
// Prints "false"