A dispatch source that monitors events associated with a file descriptor.


protocol DispatchSourceFileSystemObject


You do not adopt this protocol in your objects. Instead, use the makeFileSystemObjectSource(fileDescriptor:eventMask:queue:) method to create an object that adopts this protocol.


Getting the Data Handle

var handle: Int32

The file descriptor of the file or socket.

Getting the Event Data

var data: DispatchSource.FileSystemEvent

The type of the last file system event.

var mask: DispatchSource.FileSystemEvent

The file descriptor attributes being monitored by the dispatch source.


Conforming Types

See Also

Creating a File System Source

class func makeReadSource(fileDescriptor: Int32, queue: DispatchQueue?) -> DispatchSourceRead

Creates a new dispatch source object for reading bytes from the specified file.

class func makeWriteSource(fileDescriptor: Int32, queue: DispatchQueue?) -> DispatchSourceWrite

Creates a new dispatch source object for writing data to the specified file.

protocol DispatchSourceRead

A dispatch source object for reading data from a file descriptor.

protocol DispatchSourceWrite

A dispatch source object for writing data to a file descriptor.

struct DispatchSource.FileSystemEvent

Events involving a change to a file system object.