A number of seconds, millisconds, microseconds, or nanoseconds.


enum DispatchTimeInterval


Use DispatchTimeInterval values to specify the interval at which a DispatchSourceTimer fires or I/O handlers are invoked for a DispatchIO channel, as well as to increment and decrement DispatchTime values.


Enumeration Cases

case seconds(Int)

A number of seconds.

case milliseconds(Int)

A number of milliseconds.

case microseconds(Int)

A number of microseconds.

case nanoseconds(Int)

A number of nanoseconds.

case never

No interval.


Conforms To

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Time Constructs

struct DispatchTime

A point in time relative to the default clock, with nanosecond precision.

struct DispatchWallTime

An absolute point in time according to the wall clock, with microsecond precision.

enum DispatchTimeoutResult

A result value indicating whether a dispatch operation finished before a specified time.

typealias dispatch_time_t

An abstract representation of time.

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