A class that represents a calendar in Event Kit.


class EKCalendar : EKObject


Use the properties in this class to get attributes about a calendar, such as its title and type. Use the init(for:eventStore:) method to create a calendar object.


Creating Calendars

init(for: EKEntityType, eventStore: EKEventStore)

Creates a new calendar that can contain the given entity type.

init(eventStore: EKEventStore)

Creates and returns a calendar belonging to a specified event store.


Accessing Calendar Properties

enum EKCalendarType

Possible calendar types.

struct EKCalendarEventAvailabilityMask

A bitmask indicating the event availability settings that the calendar can support.

var allowsContentModifications: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether you can add, edit, and delete items in the calendar.

var cgColor: CGColor!

The calendar’s color.

var color: NSColor!

The calendar’s color.

var isImmutable: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the calendar’s properties can be edited or deleted.

var title: String

The calendar’s title.

var type: EKCalendarType

The calendar’s type.

var allowedEntityTypes: EKEntityMask

The entity types this calendar can contain.

var source: EKSource!

The source object representing the account to which this calendar belongs.

var isSubscribed: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the calendar is a subscribed calendar.

var supportedEventAvailabilities: EKCalendarEventAvailabilityMask

The event availability settings supported by this calendar, as indicated by a bitmask.

var calendarIdentifier: String

A unique identifier for the calendar.


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class EKParticipant

A class that represents a participant in a calendar event.

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