Instance Property


The time zone for the calendar item.


var timeZone: TimeZone? { get set }


If nil, the calendar item is a floating event. A floating event is not tied to a particular time zone. It occurs at a given time regardless of the time zone — for example, “lunch at noon.” The start and end times of a floating event should be set as if they were in the system time zone.

See Also

Accessing Calendar Item Properties

var calendar: EKCalendar!

The calendar for the calendar item.

var title: String!

The title for the calendar item.

var location: String?

The location associated with the calendar item.

var creationDate: Date?

The date that this calendar item was created.

var lastModifiedDate: Date?

The date that the calendar item was last modified.

var url: URL?

The URL for the calendar item.

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