Values that are returned as the error code property of an NSError object.


enum EKError.Code : Int, _ErrorCodeProtocol



case eventNotMutable

The event is not mutable and cannot be saved or deleted.

case noCalendar

The event is not associated with a calendar.

case noStartDate

The event has no start date set.

case noEndDate

The event has no end date set.

case datesInverted

The event’s end date occurs before its start date.

case internalFailure

An internal error occurred.

case calendarReadOnly

The calendar is read-only and cannot have events added to it.

case durationGreaterThanRecurrence

The duration of an event is greater than its recurrence interval.

case alarmGreaterThanRecurrence

The alarm interval is greater than the recurrence interval.

case startDateTooFarInFuture

The start date is further into the future than the calendar can display.

case startDateCollidesWithOtherOccurrence

The event’s start date collides with another occurrence of the event.

case objectBelongsToDifferentStore

The object belongs to a different calendar store.

case invitesCannotBeMoved

The event cannot be moved because it is an invite.

case invalidSpan

An invalid span was passed when saving or deleting.

case calendarHasNoSource

The calendar cannot be saved with no source set.

case calendarSourceCannotBeModified

The calendar cannot be moved to another source.

case calendarIsImmutable

The calendar is immutable and cannot be modified or deleted.

case sourceDoesNotAllowCalendarAddDelete

The source doesn’t allow calendars to be added or deleted.

case recurringReminderRequiresDueDate

The recurring reminder requires a due date.

case structuredLocationsNotSupported

The source to which this calendar belongs does not support structured locations.

case reminderLocationsNotSupported

The source doesn't support locations on reminders.

case alarmProximityNotSupported

The source does not allow geofences on alarms.

case calendarDoesNotAllowEvents

The calendar does not allow events to be added.

case calendarDoesNotAllowReminders

The calendar does not allow reminders to be added.

case sourceDoesNotAllowReminders

The source does not allow calendars supporting reminder entity types.

case sourceDoesNotAllowEvents

The source does not allow calendars supporting event entity types.

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struct EKError

An error returned from EventKit.

let EKErrorDomain: String

String that identifies the EventKit error domain.