Type Alias


The signature for a block object used for operating on events with the enumerateEvents(matching:using:) method.


typealias EKEventSearchCallback = (EKEvent, UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>) -> Void


The event argument is the event to operate on. You can set the value of the stop argument to true to tell the enumerateEvents(matching:using:) method to stop processing events when this block returns.

See Also

Accessing the Event Store

enum EKAuthorizationStatus

The current authorization status for a specific entity type.

typealias EKEventStoreRequestAccessCompletionHandler

The signature for a block object used for operating on events with the requestAccess(to:completion:) method.

func requestAccess(to: EKEntityType, completion: EKEventStoreRequestAccessCompletionHandler)

Prompts the user to grant or deny access to event or reminder data.

class func authorizationStatus(for: EKEntityType) -> EKAuthorizationStatus

Returns the authorization status for the given entity type.

var eventStoreIdentifier: String

The unique identifier for the event store.

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