Instance Method


Saves an event or recurring events to the event store by either batching or committing the changes.


func save(_ event: EKEvent, span: EKSpan, commit: Bool) throws



The event to be saved.


The span to use. Indicates whether the save affects future instances of the event in the case of a recurring event.


To save the event immediately, pass true; otherwise, the change is batched until the commit() method is invoked.


The error that occurred, if any; otherwise, nil.

Return Value

If successful, true; otherwise, false. Also returns false if event does not need to be saved because it has not been modified.


This method raises an exception if it is passed an event from another event store.

When an event is saved, it is updated in the Calendar database. Any fields you did not modify are updated to reflect the most recent value in the database. If the event has been deleted from the database, it is re-created as a new event.

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