Instance Method


Creates and returns a predicate for finding events in the event store that fall within a given date range.


func predicateForEvents(withStart startDate: Date, end endDate: Date, calendars: [EKCalendar]?) -> NSPredicate



The start date of the range of events fetched.


The end date of the range of events fetched.


The calendars to search, as an array of EKCalendar objects. Passing nil indicates to search all calendars.

Return Value

A simple query predicate that matches events within the specified date range.


Use this method to create a predicate for use with events(matching:) or enumerateEvents(matching:using:). The events returned using this predicate are in the default time zone. For performance reasons, this method matches only those events within a four year time span. If the date range between startDate and endDate is greater than four years, it is shortened to the first four years.

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