Instance Method


Merges changes to this object with the latest saved values.


- (BOOL)refresh;

Return Value

If the operation is successful, YES; if the object was deleted in the event store, NO. If this method returns NO, the object should be released.


This method merges the local changes to properties of this object with the latest values in the event store. This method updates only properties that have not been modified locally, so you do not lose any changes by invoking this method. You can also use this method to see whether an object was deleted from the event store.

See Also

Saving and Restoring State


Returns whether this object or any of the objects it contains has uncommitted changes.

- isNew

Returns whether this object has ever been saved.

- reset

Returns this object to its saved state.

- rollback

Rolls back the property values of this object to its original state when it was first fetched.