A class that represents a participant in a calendar event.


class EKParticipant : EKObject


Do not create EKParticipant objects directly. Instead, use the property attendees on EKCalendarItem to return an array of EKParticipant objects.

EventKit cannot add participants to an event nor change participant information. Use the properties in this class to get information about a participant.

A participant can be a person, group, room, or other resource.


Defining Participants

enum EKParticipantRole

The participant’s role for an event.

enum EKParticipantType

The type of participant.

enum EKParticipantStatus

The participant’s attendance status for an event.

enum EKParticipantScheduleStatus

The participant's scheduled status.

Accessing Participant Properties

var isCurrentUser: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether this participant represents the owner of this account.

var name: String?

The participant’s name.

var participantRole: EKParticipantRole

The participant’s role in the event.

var participantStatus: EKParticipantStatus

The participant’s attendance status.

var url: URL

The URL representing this participant.

Finding Participant Address Book Records

func abRecord(with: ABAddressBook) -> ABRecord?

Returns the address book record that represents the participant.

func abPerson(in: ABAddressBook) -> ABPerson?

Returns the address book record that represents the participant.



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class EKCalendar

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