A class that defines the end of a recurrence rule.


class EKRecurrenceEnd : NSObject


The EKRecurrenceEnd class defines the end of a recurrence rule defined by an EKRecurrenceRule object. The recurrence end can be specified by a date (date-based) or by a maximum count of occurrences (count-based). An event that is intended to continue indefinitely should have its EKRecurrenceEnd set to nil.


Creating a Recurrence End

init(end: Date)

Initializes and returns a date-based recurrence end with a given end date.

init(occurrenceCount: Int)

Initializes and returns a count-based recurrence end with a given maximum occurrence count.

Accessing Recurrence End Properties

var endDate: Date?

The end date of the recurrence end, or nil if the recurrence end is count-based.

var occurrenceCount: Int

The occurrence count of the recurrence end, or 0 if the recurrence end is date-based.


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See Also


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class EKRecurrenceRule

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