A class that represents a reminder added to a calendar.


class EKReminder : EKCalendarItem


Use the init(eventStore:) method to create a new reminder. Use the properties in the class to get and modify certain information about a reminder.


Creating a Reminder

init(eventStore: EKEventStore)

Creates and returns a new reminder in the given event store.

Accessing Reminder Properties

enum EKReminderPriority

The event's priority.

var startDateComponents: DateComponents?

The start date of the task.

var dueDateComponents: DateComponents?

The date by which the reminder should be completed.

var isCompleted: Bool

A Boolean value determining whether or not the reminder is marked completed.

var completionDate: Date?

The date on which the reminder was completed.


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class EKEvent

A class that represents an event added to a calendar.

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