An abstract superclass that represents the account a calendar belongs to.


class EKSource : EKObject


You do not create instances of this class; instead, you retrieve EKSource objects from an EKEventStore object. Use the sources property to get all the EKSource objects for an event store, and use the methods in this class to access properties of the source object.


Accessing Source Properties

enum EKSourceType

The type of source object.

var sourceIdentifier: String

A unique identifier for the source object.

var sourceType: EKSourceType

The type of this source object.

var title: String

The name of this source object.

Accessing Calendars

func calendars(for: EKEntityType) -> Set<EKCalendar>

Returns the calendars that belong to this source object that support a particular entity type.

var calendars: Set<EKCalendar>

The calendars that belong to this source object.


Entity Type

enum EKEntityType

The type of entities allowed for a source.


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Common Objects

class EKCalendarItem

An abstract superclass for calendar events and reminders.

class EKObject

An abstract superclass for all Event Kit classes that have instances that are persistent.

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