Display a user interface for viewing, selecting, and editing the user’s calendar and reminders data.


The Event Kit UI framework provides the classes needed to create, edit, and display events using a view controller. It provides several configurable view controller classes.



class EKCalendarChooser

An instance of the EKCalendarChooser class is a view controller that displays an interface for selecting one or more calendars in an event store. This view controller can be pushed on a navigation stack or presented modally. Use a delegate that conforms to the EKCalendarChooserDelegate protocol to receive callbacks when the user selects calendars or cancels the operation.

class EKEventEditViewController

An EKEventEditViewController object allows the user to create and edit a calendar event. You can use this class to create a new event or a partially constructed event. If the new event has no calendar, the default calendar is used. You should present this type of view controller modally.

class EKEventViewController

An EKEventViewController object displays the details of a calendar event. You can set whether users are allowed to edit the event. If the event is an invitation, where the organizer is not the user, you can set whether a calendar preview is shown.


protocol EKCalendarChooserDelegate

The EKCalendarChooserDelegate protocol defines methods that a calendar chooser’s delegate may optionally implement to be notified when a user finishes selecting calendars or cancels the process.

protocol EKEventEditViewDelegate

Delegates of an EKEventEditViewController object conform to this protocol. Use an EKEventEditViewController object to allow the user to either create an event or edit an existing event. To be notified when the user finishes editing the event, set the delegate to an object conforming to this protocol.

protocol EKEventViewDelegate

Delegates of an EKEventViewController object conform to this protocol. An event view controller’s delegate is notified when the event view controller should be closed. It is your responsibility to close the event view controller and perform any additional desired tasks within this protocol’s method.