Display an interface for viewing, selecting, and editing calendar events and reminders.


On iOS, use the EventKitUI framework to show calendar and reminder information to the user modally. EventKitUI provides view controllers for viewing and editing calendar and reminder information, choosing which calendar to view, and for determining whether to present calendars as read-only or readable and writeable.

The view controllers you'll use on iOS are:

You present these interfaces from within your app. Upon presentation, the system manages all interactions with the user, notifying you when the interfaces are dismissed.

EventKitUI also provides several configurable classes for selecting a default calendar, displaying buttons, or to enabling the user to select one or more calendars.


Calendar Views

class EKEventViewController

A view controller for displaying existing calendar and reminder events, and for optionally editing those events.

Calendar Edits

class EKEventEditViewController

A view controller for creating, editing, and deleting calendar events.

Calendar Selection

class EKCalendarChooser

A view controller for determining whether a user may select one or more calendars.

EventKit Bundle Access

func EventKitUIBundle() -> Bundle!

Use to access resources within the app bundle.