A view controller for determining whether a user may select one or more calendars.


class EKCalendarChooser : UIViewController


Use the calendar chooser view controller to allow users to select one or more calendars when creating or editing a calendar event. The calendar chooser also lets you specify whether to display all calendars, or only those that may be written to. The view controller can be pushed on a navigation stack or presented modally.

Use a delegate that conforms to EKCalendarChooserDelegate to receive callbacks when the user selects calendars or cancels an operation.


Managing Calendar Selection

var delegate: EKCalendarChooserDelegate?

The calendar chooser’s delegate.

protocol EKCalendarChooserDelegate

Methods a calendar chooser's delegate may use to receive notifications.

Selecting a Calendar Type

var selectedCalendars: Set<EKCalendar>

The calendars selected by the user.

var selectionStyle: EKCalendarChooserSelectionStyle

Determines whether to allow selection of multiple calendars.

enum EKCalendarChooserSelectionStyle

Indicates whether users may select a single calendar, or multiple calendars.

enum EKCalendarChooserDisplayStyle

Indicates whether to display all calendars or writable calendars only.

Changing the Appearance

var showsCancelButton: Bool

A Boolean that determines whether to display a Cancel button.

var showsDoneButton: Bool

A Boolean that determines whether to display a Done button.