The incident information related to a potential exposure.


class ENExposureInfo : NSObject


This class carries information about an exposure incident.


Exposure Criteria

var attenuationDurations: [NSNumber]

An array of durations at certain radio signal attenuations.

var attenuationValue: ENAttenuation

The attenutation risk level value for the exposure.

var date: Date

The date the exposure occurred.

var duration: TimeInterval

The length of time in minutes that the contact was in proximity to the user.

var metadata: [AnyHashable : Any]?

The metadata associated with the exposure information.

var totalRiskScore: ENRiskScore

The total risk calculated for an exposure incident.

var transmissionRiskLevel: ENRiskLevel

The transmission risk associated with a diagnosis key.

typealias ENAttenuation

The signal strength value.


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See Also


class ENExposureConfiguration

The configuration parameters for detecting exposure.

class ENExposureDetectionSummary

A summary of exposures.

typealias ENRiskLevel

The user’s estimated risk of exposure.

typealias ENRiskScore

A value signifying the risk of an exposure event.