Instance Method


Begins the delivery of accessory-related notifications to the current application.


func registerForLocalNotifications()


You must call this method if you want to be notified when accessories become connected or disconnected. The system does not send these notifications automatically, so calling this method lets the system know that your application is interested in them. Typically, you would call this method only once early in your application, either before or after configuring your notification observers. When you no longer need to monitor these notifications, you should call the matching unregisterForLocalNotifications() method.

You can configure your notification observers either before or after calling this method. Because the shared accessory manager is the only object that sends accessory-related notifications, specifying that object or nil for the notification sender has the same outcome.

See Also

Starting and Stopping Accessory Notifications

func unregisterForLocalNotifications()

Stops the delivery of accessory-related notifications to the current application.

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