Instance Method


Displays an alert that allows the user to pair the device with a Bluetooth accessory.


- (void)showBluetoothAccessoryPickerWithNameFilter:(NSPredicate *)predicate completion:(EABluetoothAccessoryPickerCompletion)completion;



The predicate is evaluated using the name of the Bluetooth accessory. Only devices whose names match the predicate are displayed by the picker. If you specify nil, this method displays all discovered accessories.


A completion block to execute when the picker is dismissed. You can use this block to track any errors that might have occurred during the pairing process.


This method synchronously displays an alert containing the list of Bluetooth accessories that have been discovered by the current device and that match the specified filter (if any). The user can select an accessory from this list and pair the device to it. Pairing an accessory updates the accessory manager’s list of connected accessories and generates a corresponding connection notification.

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