An object that provides information about an unconfigured MFi Wireless Accessory Configuration accessory.


class EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessory : NSObject


Getting Information About the Accessory

var name: String

The name of the accessory.

var manufacturer: String

The name of the accessory's manufacturer.

var model: String

The model name of accessory.

var ssid: String

The Wi-Fi SSID of the accessory.

var macAddress: String

The primary MAC address of the accessory.

var properties: EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryProperties

The properties the accessory supports.

struct EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryProperties

Options that can be combined using the C bitwise OR operator to represent the properties of an unconfigured accessory.


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See Also

Wi-Fi Accessory Configuration

Wireless Accessory Configuration Entitlement

A Boolean value indicating whether your app may configure MFi Wi-Fi accessories.

class EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBrowser

An object you use to scan for wireless accessories and configure them for use with the user's app.

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