Communicate with accessories connected to a device by the Apple Lightning connector, or connected wirelessly through Bluetooth.


The External Accessory framework enables your app to communicate with external hardware that is connected to an iOS-based device through the Apple Lightning or 30-pin connector, or wirelessly through Bluetooth. When configuring your app's Info.plist file, add the UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols key, which declares the specific hardware protocols your app supports.

For more information connecting to external accessories, see External Accessory Programming Topics.



class EAAccessoryManager

The object you use to identify connected accessories, and to begin the delivery of connection and disconnection notifications.

Accessory Communication

class EAAccessory

An object containing information about a single, connected hardware accessory.

class EASession

The object you use to manage communications between your app and a connected hardware accessory.

Wi-Fi Accessory Configuration

Wireless Accessory Configuration Entitlement

A Boolean value indicating whether your app may configure MFi Wi-Fi accessories.

class EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBrowser

An object you use to scan for wireless accessories and configure them for use with the user's app.

class EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessory

An object that provides information about an unconfigured MFi Wireless Accessory Configuration accessory.

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