A manager object that you use to communicate with the file provider from either your app or your File Provider extension.


class NSFileProviderManager : NSObject


Accessing File Provider Data

class var `default`: NSFileProviderManager

Returns the shared file provider manager object; you can access this object in both the containing app and the File Provider extension.

var documentStorageURL: URL

The root URL for all shared documents.

var providerIdentifier: String

A purpose identifier for coordinated reads and writes.

Performing Actions

class func placeholderURL(for: URL) -> URL

Returns a placeholder URL for a given document URL.

class func writePlaceholder(at: URL, withMetadata: NSFileProviderItem)

Writes a document placeholder with the provided metadata.

func signalEnumerator(for: NSFileProviderItemIdentifier, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Alerts the system to changes in the specified folder's content.

Working with Domains

init?(for: NSFileProviderDomain)

Returns a newly created file provider manager for the specified domain.

class func remove(NSFileProviderDomain, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Removes a domain from the File Provider extension.

class func removeAllDomains(completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Removes all domains from the File Provider extension.

class NSFileProviderDomain

A File Provider extension's domain.


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First Steps

class NSFileProviderExtension

The principal class for the File Provider extension.