An extension context provided to File Provider UI extensions.


class FPUIActionExtensionContext : NSExtensionContext


Completing the Action

func completeRequest()

Marks the action as complete.

func cancelRequest(withError: Error)

Cancels the action and returns the provided error.

Identifying the Domain

var domainIdentifier: NSFileProviderDomainIdentifier?

The identifier for the domain managed by the current file provider.

struct NSFileProviderDomainIdentifier

A unique identifier for a file provider's domain.


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Working with Actions

func prepare(forAction: String, itemIdentifiers: [NSFileProviderItemIdentifier])

Performs any necessary setup or configuration for the specified action.

func prepare(forError: Error)

Performs any necessary setup or configuration when an authentication error occurs.

var extensionContext: FPUIActionExtensionContext

The extension context provided by the host app.