Add actions to the document browser's context menu.


Use the File Provider UI extension to add custom actions to your File Provider extension. These actions appear if the user long presses an item while browsing your file provider's content. When the user selects your action, the system displays your custom user interface, where the user completes the action. After the user is finished, you must explicitly cancel or complete the action.

For more about File Provider extensions, see FileProvider.

For more about creating extensions, see App Extension Programming Guide.


Document Browser Customization

Adding Actions

Add actions to the browser's context menu.

class FPUIActionExtensionViewController

The custom user interface used to perform a selected action.


enum FPUIExtensionErrorCode

The error codes for errors raised by the File Provider UI extension.

let FPUIErrorDomain: String

The error domain for errors raised by the File Provider UI extension.