The FFEFFESCAPE structure passes hardware-specific data directly to the Force Feedback plugIn.




Instance Properties

var cbInBuffer: DWORD

Specifies the size, in bytes, of the lpvInBuffer buffer.

var cbOutBuffer: DWORD

On entry, specifies the size, in bytes, of the lpvOutBuffer buffer. On exit, specifies the number of bytes actually produced by the command.

var dwCommand: DWORD

Specifies a plugIn specific command number. Contact the hardware vendor for a list of valid commands and their parameters.

var dwSize: DWORD

Size, in bytes, of this structure. This member must be initialized before the structure is used.

var lpvInBuffer: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!

Buffer containing the data required to perform the operation.

var lpvOutBuffer: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!

Buffer in which the operation's output data is returned.

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