Returns an NSSize from a text-based representation.


func NSSizeFromString(_ aString: String) -> NSSize


Scans aString for two numbers which are used as the width and height, in that order, to create an NSSize struct. If aString only contains a single number, it is used as the width. The aString argument should be formatted like the output of NSStringFromSize(_:), for example, @"{10,20}". If aString does not contain any numbers, this function returns an NSSize struct whose width and height are both 0.

See Also

Managing Sizes

func NSEqualSizes(NSSize, NSSize) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean that indicates whether two size values are equal.

func NSMakeSize(CGFloat, CGFloat) -> NSSize

Returns a new NSSize from the specified values.

func NSStringFromSize(NSSize) -> String

Returns a string representation of a size.

func NSSizeFromCGSize(CGSize) -> NSSize

Returns an NSSize typecast from a CGSize.

func NSSizeToCGSize(NSSize) -> CGSize

Returns a CGSize typecast from an NSSize.