An object that converts between JSON and the equivalent Foundation objects.


class JSONSerialization : NSObject


You use the JSONSerialization class to convert JSON to Foundation objects and convert Foundation objects to JSON.

A Foundation object that may be converted to JSON must have the following properties:

Other rules may apply. Calling isValidJSONObject(_:) or attempting a conversion are the definitive ways to tell if a given object can be converted to JSON data.


Creating a JSON Object

Creating JSON Data

class func isValidJSONObject(Any) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a given object can be converted to JSON data.


struct JSONSerialization.ReadingOptions

Options used when creating Foundation objects from JSON data—see jsonObject(with:options:) and jsonObject(with:options:).

struct JSONSerialization.WritingOptions

Options for writing JSON data.


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Using JSON with Custom Types

Encode and decode JSON data, regardless of its structure, using Swift’s JSON support.

class JSONEncoder

An object that encodes instances of a data type as JSON objects.

class JSONDecoder

An object that decodes instances of a data type from JSON objects.