Instance Property


A dictionary, constructed from the bundle’s Info.plist file, that contains information about the receiver.


var infoDictionary: [String : Any]? { get }


If the bundle does not contain an Info.plist file, this dictionary contains only private keys that are used internally by the Bundle class. The Bundle class may add extra keys to this dictionary for its own use. Common keys for accessing the values of the dictionary are CFBundleIdentifier, NSMainNibFile, and NSPrincipalClass.

See Also

Getting Bundle Information

var bundleURL: URL

The full URL of the receiver’s bundle directory.

var bundlePath: String

The full pathname of the receiver’s bundle directory.

var bundleIdentifier: String?

The receiver’s bundle identifier.

func object(forInfoDictionaryKey: String) -> Any?

Returns the value associated with the specified key in the receiver's information property list.