Type Method


Returns one or more localizations from the specified list that a bundle object would use to locate resources for the current user.


class func preferredLocalizations(from localizationsArray: [String]) -> [String]



An array of NSString objects, each of which specifies the language ID for a localization that the bundle supports.

Return Value

An array of NSString objects containing the preferred localizations. These strings are ordered in the array according to the user's language preferences and are taken from the strings in the localizationsArray parameter.


This method does not return all localizations in preference order but only those from which NSBundle would get localized content, typically either a single non-region-specific localization or a region-specific localization followed by a corresponding non-region-specific localization as a fallback.

However, clients who want all localizations in preference order can make repeated calls, each time taking the top localizations out of the list of localizations passed in.

See Also

Getting Localization Information

var localizations: [String]

A list of all the localizations contained in the bundle.

var preferredLocalizations: [String]

An ordered list of preferred localizations contained in the bundle.

var developmentLocalization: String?

The localization for the development language.

var localizedInfoDictionary: [String : Any]?

A dictionary with the keys from the bundle’s localized property list.

class func preferredLocalizations(from: [String], forPreferences: [String]?) -> [String]

Returns locale identifiers for which a bundle would provide localized content, given a specified list of candidates for a user's language preferences.