Mach-O Architecture

Constants describing the CPU types that a bundle’s executable code supports.



var NSBundleExecutableArchitectureI386: Int

The 32-bit Intel architecture.

var NSBundleExecutableArchitecturePPC: Int

The 32-bit PowerPC architecture.

var NSBundleExecutableArchitectureX86_64: Int

The 64-bit Intel architecture.

var NSBundleExecutableArchitecturePPC64: Int

The 64-bit PowerPC architecture.

See Also

Loading Code from a Bundle

var executableArchitectures: [NSNumber]?

An array of numbers indicating the architecture types supported by the bundle’s executable.

func preflight()

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the bundle’s executable code could be loaded successfully.

func load()

Dynamically loads the bundle’s executable code into a running program, if the code has not already been loaded.

func loadAndReturnError()

Loads the bundle’s executable code and returns any errors.

func unload()

Unloads the code associated with the receiver.

var isLoaded: Bool

The load status of a bundle.