Instance Method


Returns all the date components of a date, as if in a given time zone (instead of the Calendar time zone).


func dateComponents(in timeZone: TimeZone, from date: Date) -> DateComponents



The TimeZone to use.


The Date to use.

Return Value

All components, calculated using the Calendar and TimeZone.


The time zone overrides the time zone of the Calendar for the purposes of this calculation.

See Also

Extracting Components

func date(Date, matchesComponents: DateComponents) -> Bool

Determines if the date has all of the specified date components.

func component(Calendar.Component, from: Date) -> Int

Returns the value for one component of a date.

func dateComponents(Set<Calendar.Component>, from: Date) -> DateComponents

Returns all the date components of a date, using the calendar time zone.

enum Calendar.Component

An enumeration for the various components of a calendar date.

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