Instance Method


Returns the first moment of a given Date, as a Date.


func startOfDay(for date: Date) -> Date



The date to search.

Return Value

The first moment of the given date.


For example, pass in Date(), if you want the start of today. If there were two midnights, it returns the first. If there was none, it returns the first moment that did exist.

See Also

Scanning Dates

func enumerateDates(startingAfter: Date, matching: DateComponents, matchingPolicy: Calendar.MatchingPolicy, repeatedTimePolicy: Calendar.RepeatedTimePolicy, direction: Calendar.SearchDirection, using: (Date?, Bool, inout Bool) -> Void)

Computes the dates which match (or most closely match) a given set of components, and calls the closure once for each of them, until the enumeration is stopped.

enum Calendar.MatchingPolicy

A hint to the search algorithm to control the method used for searching for dates.

enum Calendar.RepeatedTimePolicy

Determines which result to use when a time is repeated on a day in a calendar (for example, during a daylight saving transition when the times between 2:00am and 3:00am may happen twice).