Instance Method


Offsets the given index by the specified distance, or so that it equals the given limiting index.


func formIndex(_ i: inout Int, offsetBy distance: Int, limitedBy limit: Int) -> Bool



A valid index of the collection.


The distance to offset i. distance must not be negative unless the collection conforms to the BidirectionalCollection protocol.


A valid index of the collection to use as a limit. If distance > 0, a limit that is less than i has no effect. Likewise, if distance < 0, a limit that is greater than i has no effect.

Return Value

true if i has been offset by exactly distance steps without going beyond limit; otherwise, false. When the return value is false, the value of i is equal to limit.


The value passed as distance must not offset i beyond the bounds of the collection, unless the index passed as limit prevents offsetting beyond those bounds.

Complexity: O(1) if the collection conforms to RandomAccessCollection; otherwise, O(k), where k is the absolute value of distance.

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