Instance Method


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether every element of a sequence satisfies a given predicate.


func allSatisfy(_ predicate: (UInt8) throws -> Bool) rethrows -> Bool



A closure that takes an element of the sequence as its argument and returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the passed element satisfies a condition.

Return Value

true if the sequence contains only elements that satisfy predicate; otherwise, false.


The following code uses this method to test whether all the names in an array have at least five characters:

let names = ["Sofia", "Camilla", "Martina", "Mateo", "Nicolás"]
let allHaveAtLeastFive = names.allSatisfy({ $0.count >= 5 })
// allHaveAtLeastFive == true

Complexity: O(n), where n is the length of the sequence.

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