Instance Property


The template for formatting one date and time value.


var dateTemplate: String! { get set }


Use this string to specify a custom fixed format for each of the date and time values. The string you specify is based on the Unicode Technical Standard #35, which uses characters to represent the day, time, year, hour, minute, and other pieces of date or time information.

If you do not assign a value to this string, the formatter object automatically updates the string based on the values in the dateStyle and timeStyle properties.

For information about how to define a custom formatting string, see Date Formatters in Data Formatting Guide.

See Also

Configuring the Formatter Options

var dateStyle: DateIntervalFormatter.Style

The style to use when formatting day, month, and year information.

var timeStyle: DateIntervalFormatter.Style

The style to use when formatting hour, minute, and second information.

var calendar: Calendar!

The calendar to use for date values.

var locale: Locale!

The locale to use when formatting date and time values.

var timeZone: TimeZone!

The time zone with which to specify time values.