Calculation error constants used to describe an error in exceptionDuringOperation(_:error:leftOperand:rightOperand:).


enum CalculationError : UInt



case noError

No error occurred.

case lossOfPrecision

The number can’t be represented in 38 significant digits.

case overflow

The number is too large to represent.

case underflow

The number is too small to represent.

case divideByZero

The caller tried to divide by 0.

See Also

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func NSDecimalCompact(UnsafeMutablePointer<Decimal>)

Compacts the decimal structure for efficiency.

typealias Decimal.RoundingMode

An alias for an enumeration that specifies possible rounding modes.

enum NSDecimalNumber.RoundingMode

These constants specify rounding behaviors.

typealias Decimal.CalculationError

An alias for a type that specifies possible calculation errors.