Instance Property


The number formatter used to format the numbers in energy strings.


@NSCopying var numberFormatter: NumberFormatter! { get set }


This property defaults to a number formatter using the NumberFormatter.Style.decimal style. You can provide a different number formatter to customize the energy string’s appearance.

See Also

Formatting Energy Strings

var isForFoodEnergyUse: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the energy value is used to measure food energy.

func string(fromJoules: Double) -> String

Returns an energy string for the provided value.

func string(fromValue: Double, unit: EnergyFormatter.Unit) -> String

Returns a properly formatted energy string for the given value and unit.

func unitString(fromValue: Double, unit: EnergyFormatter.Unit) -> String

Returns the unit string based on the provided value and unit.

var unitStyle: Formatter.UnitStyle

The unit style used by this formatter.

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