Errors and Exceptions

Respond to problem situations in your interactions with APIs, and fine-tune your app for better debugging.


User-Relevant Errors

protocol Error

A type representing an error value that can be thrown.

class NSError

Information about an error condition including a domain, a domain-specific error code, and application-specific information.

protocol LocalizedError

A specialized error that provides localized messages describing the error and why it occurred.

protocol RecoverableError

A specialized error that may be recoverable by presenting several potential recovery options to the user.

protocol CustomNSError

A specialized error that provides a domain, error code, and user-info dictionary.


class NSAssertionHandler

An object that logs an assertion to the console.


class NSException

An object that represents a special condition that interrupts the normal flow of program execution.

Diagnostics and Debugging

func NSLogv(String, CVaListPointer)

Logs an error message to the Apple System Log facility.

func NSLog(String, CVarArg...)

Logs an error message to the Apple System Log facility.

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