Instance Property


The data currently available in the receiver.


var availableData: Data { get }


The data currently available through the receiver, up to the the maximum size that can be represented by an NSData object.

If the receiver is a file, this method returns the data obtained by reading the file from the current file pointer to the end of the file. If the receiver is a communications channel, this method reads up to a buffer of data and returns it; if no data is available, the method blocks. Returns an empty data object if the end of file is reached. This method raises NSFileHandleOperationException if attempts to determine the file-handle type fail or if attempts to read from the file or channel fail.

See Also

Reading from a File Handle

func readDataToEndOfFile() -> Data

Synchronously reads the available data up to the end of file or maximum number of bytes.

func readData(ofLength: Int) -> Data

Synchronously reads data up to the specified number of bytes.